There Are Actually Injuries That Can Be Inflicted When Playing Badminton

Badminton is a fairly benign sport where two contestants use racquets to bat a “bird” back and forth over a net. The bird is also called the shuttlecock and is a rubber bulb on the bottom which is weighted with feathers radiating around the top edge vertically upward so it will achieve some flight as it is batted.Badminton Knee Injury

The net is about 6 feet high at the top edge and the “bird” must make it over the net in one stroke and it goes back and forth until one player misses or the “bird” hits the net or goes out of bounds.

One would ordinarily think that this would be a safe game to play, but there are injuries that can occur.

Allowing the shuttlecock to hit the eye when it is missed by the racquet is more common than one might think. This of course could be serious, as the shuttlecock is made of hard rubber on one end.

Sprained ankles can also be a common problem for people who are not in the best shape. When playing the game, the players run after the “bird” at odd angles, sometimes having to really “go for it” in order to make a play. A sprained ankle occurs when the weight of your body goes in the wrong direction from the way your foot is places, which stretches the ligaments to the point of injury and swelling. Badminton Tooth Injury

Badminton plan can get very spirited and fast moving and another injury that can occur can come from hitting the ground while lunging for a shot. Depending on where you land, and on what part of your body you land, you can become injured in that way.

So you might wind up with broken arms, wrists, teeth or fingers depending on how people manage to fall. People must be trained in the art of falling to the ground, otherwise they are likely to hurt themselves when they fall. You also have to be trained in the art of dodging so you can move out of the way of stray shuttlecocks. You wouldn’t believe how many people need dental work like what is described in this link after sustaining an injury.

A person who has played contact sports, such as football or soccer know that when you fall or are pushed to the ground, you have to learn to roll, to cushion the shock. A person who is not trained this way will tend to fall flat, thus being more prone to injury. Badminton Injury

Obviously badminton injuries are infrequent and for the most part not too serious, but they do occur.

Finding Great Badminton Attire

Do you love playing badminton? You’re not alone. Thousands of people all across the country find this relaxing, fun sport quite invigorating. There are people who play it for a fun, relaxing afternoon. There are also people who play it competitively, spending their time honing their skills and getting better in order to destroy their opponents.

Badminton Attire

However, if you’re going to play badminton for any amount of time, then you’re going to need proper badminton attire. Certainly, if you only play the occasional pick up game, then you can simply wear whatever it is you’re wearing when the game starts. But if you want to take the game seriously, then you’re going to need the clothes that are going to help you stay comfortable while allowing you the proper range of movement to get around the court quickly and easily.

Of course, there’s a problem with that. How do you go about finding the best badminton attire? If you’ve never played the sport seriously, then you may genuinely have no idea how to find badminton attire that’s actually comfortable. You may not even know what proper badminton attire is. Let me let you in on a little secret – it’s not having your nails done! How can you find the right kind of clothes for what you need?

The best way to find out is by heading to the internet! The internet is a veritable treasure trove of information, all just waiting for you to find it. You can head to your preferred search engine, no matter what it is, and type in “proper badminton clothing attire”. You’ll get dozens of websites, all talking about the different clothing you might want and need, and pointing you towards websites and local stores that can sell those clothes to you. Even better, you’ll be able to read a great number of customer reviews. These customer reviews will give you a great idea of what brand of clothing was best, what brands of clothing don’t hold up, and what brands of clothing you can find for cheap.

Ultimately, finding great badminton clothing attire isn’t particularly difficult. You just have to be willing to get out there and do a little research. Often times you’ll find that there are local business sponsors that will provide you good quality attire for free. For example, this local business ( ) has been sponsoring clothing for players for the past couple of years. If you’re willing to do that research, if you’re willing and determined to find what you need, then you’ll be able to find out all sorts of information. Then you can make an educated choice of what you need and how to find it, and you’ll soon have all the clothing you need.